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Web Design In Nanaimo, BC : Tips for Increasing Productivity

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Choose Your Software Wisely

Freelance writers can work with just about any word processor and expect to have pretty much the same results. Provided they have a keyboard and a screen, they are essentially good to go. When it comes to web design however, your choice of software is not one to take lightly. Not only can the wrong software negatively impact on your productivity, it can even negatively impact upon the quality of the work that you deliver.

Invest In a Decent Computer

Another requirement for web designers that doesn’t apply to writers is the need for high quality hardware. While a freelance writer can maintain high levels of productivity on a netbook at a local cafe, web design frequently requires quite a bit more power and a much larger screen. Although I’ve never been too concerned with ergonomics, a fast computer, a top notch graphics card and a screen that really magnifies those pixels, are all essential tools when it comes to maximizing what you get done on a daily basis.

Never Work on Sundays

If you want to work Saturdays, I admire your commitment but if you want to work Sundays too, you are wasting your time. For the time being at least, most web design tasks are performed by humans rather than robots. And unlike robots, humans need to take at least one day off per week. Failing to do so can not only lead to a pretty miserable existence, it can also lead to one in which productivity levels get worse and worse as the weeks without a day off continue to rise.

Start Each Day with a Schedule

Sitting idly on your computer for hours on end waiting for inspiration to strike is just about as unproductive as you can get. You should start out each day with a schedule, preferably one that incorporates all of the following.

  • Specific times for email and client correspondence.
  • Specific, concrete tasks to be completed.
  • Strict start and end times for working on those tasks.
  • Frequent breaks.

Don’t Procrastinate

Speaking of procrastination, entire books have been written on how to avoid it and yet the majority of freelancers still have an unshakeable tendency towards putting things off. Unfortunately, some projects are just so mind numbingly boring that getting yourself to actually work on them can at times seem like pulling teeth. One solution that I have found to be surprisingly effective is to allocate one hour each day to doing the tasks that you hate.

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